SMHS Yearbook Quote Goes Viral

chloecross2015 would have been just another year of yearbook quotes until San Mateo High School senior, Chloe Cross came along. Seen above, her quote was a way to fight back at the school administration and the dress code. There is definitely some controversy caused by it — some give her praise while others believe that it was in bad taste. This quote was picked up and shared by Amandla Stenburg, soon going viral. What do you think?

Tampon Run is Fun!

Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser met at a Girls Who Code conference, and the world was never the same. These teenage girls came together to create Tampon Run, a video game to try and break down the stigma around menstruation, a girl’s monthly period. In our society, girls become embarrassed of a natural process that happens to all females. This game is a step in the right direction.

Sia’s New Song

If you didn’t think Sia’s music videos could get any stranger after Chandelier, think again. Elastic Heart is so confusing, I’m not really sure how I feel about it. While Sia explains that she wanted to show an emotional connection of the characters, others say that it gave off “pedophilia vibes”.

Ready, Set, Pin!

I promise, Pinterest is more than just random quotes and nail tutorials. Photos on absolutely any subject can be found on there, and there is also the option of uploading photos you find or take, to the website. And if you ever get bored, it’s a great place to waste time or even find ideas for things to do over the break. What are you waiting for???? Get a Pinterest!!