The Power of a Man With a Camera. The Power of a Human With a Story.

Humans of New York

The idea is so simple – walking the streets of New York, asking random people for a photo. Brandon Stanton, after losing his job as a bond trader, decided to move to New York. His goal was to take a photographic census of 10,000 people, but once he started on his mission and heard the stories of the people he was meeting, he changed his intentions. Now with 1.7 million likes on Facebook, Humans of New York, or HONY, has taken the world by storm. There has been a wildfire effect – other photographers now cover Boston, Tehran, and even San Francisco. Some high schools also picked up the idea and SMHS may be coming out with a gallery through the Journalism class. The pictures on this page really do speak for themselves. Check it out! Be inspired!


The Amputee Rap

Recently, I posted a story to The Bearcat about Josh Sundquist, the inspiring amputee who dressed up as a flamingo for Halloween this year. While being a motivational speaker and an athlete, Sundquist also posts tons of videos on his YouTube channel. The message of this unique rap – amputees don’t need no sympathy, yo!