Web Comics

Features Editor, Savannah Liu is obsessed with YouTube, online blogs, etc. She has chosen her top favorite comedic blogs:

Hyperbole and A Half

A hilarious blog by Allie Brosh with beautifully crude illustrations. I like it a lot. You’ll get the joke when you read her posts.

The Oatmeal

Seniors who applied to UChicago are probably familiar with The Oatmeal’s awesome mantis shrimp post. This web blog also has stuff for Sriracha lovers, cat-obsessives, and anyone who wants a laugh.

Hark! A Vagrant

This web comic makes fun of everything from Marcel Duchamp to Elizabeth I. If you like jokes about literature and European history, you’ll probably like this blog. Check out her Gatsby post!


Procrastination Station

Only about two weeks back in school and students are already bogged down with homework and studying for tests and quizzes. We all wish that Winter Break could’ve been just a week longer. 2 weeks? 3? Some wish they were still hitting the slopes, laying on the beach, marathoning Breaking Bad, or even sleeping until 12 PM again. Don’t let the pressure or stress get the best of you. Stay strong and confidant, but always give yourself a peaceful break once in a while – check out these websites below. No promises on getting off, though…


There is something for everyone on this website. Stories cover basically anything that the people of the 21st Century have an interest in. Ever seen a Disney princess with a beard? Did you hear about the controversial Depression crop-top? Do you miss these snacks? Do you wanna build a snowman?


This could basically be characterized as a gigantic scrapbook or “pin” board of ideas online. There are photos, videos, GIFs, etc. that any member can pin. Each person can create a board/folder of any topic, and then search for things to put into it. Topics on Pinterest range from DIY Crafts to Adorable Animals to Cars to Tattoos. The company recently put out a new feature called Personalized For You – Once you start pinning, related photos of your pin will be categorized in topic boxes, and as you pin more those same photos, the box gets bigger! If you’d like to see an example, check out my personal page.


While sometimes funny, meaningful or strange, YouTube is definitely the ultimate empire of videos online. In the future, I will be doing a blog post solely dedicated to this website, but for right now…. I think we all need a pep talk.