imgresA new trend has arisen and the focus point is Instagram. The trend started with slime.  People are posting videos of themselves poking holes, squishing and kneading their slime. Being able to make slime from homemade materials made it available to anyone. People who are creating these videos are becoming popular on Instagram. Along with this, Instagram allows people to have multiple accounts allowing them to have many slime accounts, also called ASMR, which people say means it sounds satisfying.  The types of accounts range from slime of any color to crunchy slime, where people put beads into the normal slime; and kinetic sand, a colorful sand that acts like sand when touched but is able to be shaped without the use of water. Take a look at a slime account and see what you think.



blog_1Youtube has been around for 12 years, so it comes as no surprise that many people have joined the community.  With many youtubers having multiple accounts from vlogs (video blogs) to gaming channels, to a main channel, it is inevitable that everyday people start to join in on this trend.  With the mainstream app Vine being shut down, many viners have moved to creating YouTube content.  With this rise of YouTube stars, there also came a rise in the amount of people creating YouTube channels.  A very widespread type of video is vlogging, mainly weekly or daily vlogging by the people now joining.  Average people record their lives and put it on the internet for everyone to see! This is a cool way to save videos of someone’s past. Unlike Snapchat, YouTube doesn’t disappear. Being able to get views and have people like the videos also helps encourage people to continue recording their lives. It’s good to be able to record lives on the internet for use as entertainment and to preserve memories for when people get older. Accounts you might enjoy include: Sydney McGee, David Dobrik, MoreWolfie and Zoella Vlog.