Time in Color

This online clock changes color by comparing the time to a hexadecimal color code. It’s chill.


Sia’s New Song

If you didn’t think Sia’s music videos could get any stranger after Chandelier, think again. Elastic Heart is so confusing, I’m not really sure how I feel about it. While Sia explains that she wanted to show an emotional connection of the characters, others say that it gave off “pedophilia vibes”.

Ready, Set, Pin!

I promise, Pinterest is more than just random quotes and nail tutorials. Photos on absolutely any subject can be found on there, and there is also the option of uploading photos you find or take, to the website. And if you ever get bored, it’s a great place to waste time or even find ideas for things to do over the break. What are you waiting for???? Get a Pinterest!!


Wet Paint

Paint is back and wetter than ever! YouTuber Jon Cozart has posted a follow-up video to his “After Ever After” song, called “After Ever After 2”. Basically, he sings about what happened after the Disney Princess stories end on the screen. This second version seems to be a lot more controversial than the first, discussing topics like Elsa as a Hitler wannabe, Tiana dying in Hurricane Katrina, and Mulan wanting to become a man. Take a listen! What do you think?

Also, check out his first parody here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjU5NcZkouc Apparently, Paint deleted the video from his channel….

Eating Kimchi Since 2008

If you like Korean culture or want to see what it’s like living in South Korea (especially for foreigners), you might like Eat Your Kimchi, an awesome YouTube channel by Martina and Simon, a Canadian couple living in Seoul. They have different types of videos on their channel, including K-Pop Music Monday (K.M.M.), TL;DR, in which they talk about Korean culture, Wonderful Treasure Find (W.T.F.), in which they talk about weird products they find in South Korea.

All of their videos are really interesting, and they are both funny and fun to watch. Random awesome facts about them:

  • This is their dog, Spudgy, who has awesome blue hair. I’m jealous.

    Viva la Spudgy!

    Viva la Spudgy!

  • They have an Eat Your Kimchi Mobile.
  • They’re opening a coffee shop in Seoul! If I ever get to go to Seoul, I’m gonna hit it up.
  • Here is their channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/simonandmartina

– Savannah Liu